The 2015 Dance of Relationships Terry Lamb

When we look back on it, 2015 will stand out as the year of relationship. This is due to a very unusual pattern involving Venus and Mars, as they come together 3 times this year in their eternal dance of courtship and love.

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So what is going on with Venus and Mars?
If you look west after sunset, when the first stars appear, you’ll be able to see a very bright body sparkling in the sky. That’s Venus. As the light dims, a dull reddish body will show up directly below Venus. That’s Mars. On February 21, they met at the same degree (a conjunction) – right next to each other. Some of you may have seen it.

This is going to happen two more times this year – very unusual for these planets of love. As with all planetary interactions they tell us a story about something in our life, and in this case, it’s a story of relationship. It’s a big story, one of soul connection, soul recognition, and the release of energies from many lifetimes.

What is the story and how will it work in my life?
Well, first of all, this can work in any relationship in your life, not just love partnerships. Think of Venus as the attracting (yin) partner, usually but not always female, and Mars as the acting (yang) partner, usually but not always male. When they come together, they help us come together with others, and they did so in February.

Unfortunately, there were major complications – we’re all dealing with major complications right now. So perhaps nothing happened in your relationship life, especially where you wanted it to happen. The next two meetings of these bodies give us further opportunities to clear the complications and find the soul connection that lies beneath the surface trying to be born into our life.

So what about the next two conjunctions?
The next meeting or conjunction is on August 31 in Leo, and the third meeting is on November 2 in Virgo. The three signs – Aries, Leo, and Virgo – tell us about the nature of our experiences in the process – what we need to release and where we will find healing and love.

What came up in February is huge – chances are it’s a life lesson. If we follow through with courage (an Aries word) and maturity, we will change the course of our life for the better. But right now, chances are, you’re not feeling so good about things. That’s because Venus and Mars are running the gauntlet of another unusual and very karmic pattern, which started February 21. This is peaking now as Venus and Mars activate this pattern, with the potential for pain, conflict, and separation. The most important thing to do with this energy is to get as big a picture of the situation as you can. If we can stand outside our pain, we can start to see where it comes from inside ourselves.

Rule of thumb: It’s never about what’s going on right now, in this room. It’s about the silent witnesses from the past – our family, our ex, our childhood and past lives – even something that happened in our ancestry. Look back to the first time you remember that pain, and you’ll have the ‘seed experience’ from which this comes. You’ll have some way of accessing this old story.

Resolution may come later.
The next two conjunctions of Venus and Mars will resolve the issue and the pain that comes from it. This has the opportunity to create a full and final healing, a total transformation, if we are willing to be brave and see it through.

The beautiful thing about this is the blessing that comes with this process. I believe that we have a soul and a spirit, obviously, and that we have spirit help and guidance, both in the hidden realms and coming through people we know and meet, every day. There is a strong, firm, and benevolent hand helping us through this passage. If we will take this hand and allow it to lead us, we will make it through and find the solution to the issue. Our life and all our relationships will be illuminated. That’s the Leo.

The Virgo part of it is where we find the purpose of the relationship(s) and begin to fulfill that purpose. For some, the purpose is well-known and obvious, even now. For others, especially if you have yet to meet that significant person in your life, this purpose will emerge over the coming months, or late in the year, after the 3rd conjunction.

What if I don’t have a partner to dance with?
We all have relationships, even if they aren’t what society would call a love or intimate partnership. When we free ourselves of society’s labels, the value of all these other connections shines through. Every relationship is unique, valuable, and defies such descriptions. This is especially true now. Perhaps you are still learning from a past relationship – aren’t we all?! Perhaps you are learning to love yourself to prepare for the partner that will come into your life soon. Look to those ties you already have. Did anyone (new or known) pop into your life between mid-February and mid-March and present you with a challenge of some sort? This is where you start.

Is there anything else you can tell us that will help us use this opportunity?
One more thing: What we’re experiencing right now is a shift in human consciousness, a change in values. It’s bigger than any of us, yet we must deal with it. This is the elephant in the living room, and it affects everything now. Underneath it all, people are more insecure because they aren’t sure what life is about anymore. This makes us both more vulnerable and more able to change – because we have to.

There is a mythic way to see this process, which astrology helps us with. We can see the story behind the story, the symbolism. This year’s relationship dance is symbolically a hand-off from an old way of seeing things to a new way of doing things. Symbolically, the Old King is offering the maiden in marriage to the Prince, who by the end of summer will be the New King. The New Queen receives her coronation, and both live in service to humanity, for ever after. This is a new seed of consciousness sprouting in the wake of the 2012 rebirth, one of new rules for love, relationship, and gender relations, which will see the feminine coming into its full role as equal partner to the masculine pulse of life.

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