Hey, Where Did Everybody Go? Your 2016 Pattern Starts Now

Hey, Where Did Everybody Go?

Your 2016 Pattern Starts Now

light-scapeWe enter November under a blessed sky, one where the dawn light is brightened by the beauty and grandeur of Venus, Mars, and Jupiter. (Give it a peek at about 5 am!) This is not only a beautiful herald but also a sign of the times to come. With a kind of x-ray vision, we already know what is contained in its gift wrapping, even if we haven’t seen evidence of it quite yet.

This is because the situation, whatever it is, is at its beginning, and like anything in its incubation, it is still hidden to protect it in its tender stages. This process is intensified greatly by three other factors, so that what happens over the next 14 or so months a potential standout period for growth and a turning point.

The one we’ll feel the most is Saturn, the keystone of the configuration, as he channels the lessons of Neptune in the coming year and Chiron in 2017. We must somehow incorporate the wisdom of the gods of imagination and healing into our life in a new way.

Saturn has just moved into Sagittarius in earnest this fall, after a few months’ turn there earlier this year. Before that, it had been in Scorpio for two years and spent mid-June through August in a powerful position in that sign. It demanded that we clear out anything that doesn’t belong, whether or not we know what would replace those calcified and outmoded conditions.

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For many, this was a heart-rending process. One person was pushed to clear out all of the bags and boxes left from dearly departed family members over the years. Another had to face that family obligations must trump the career he wants, temporarily. Another recognized that it was time to put away the attitudes of youth in favor of a more serious dedication to adult responsibility. Everywhere, I saw people having to face that “it is what it is”.

Saturn in Scorpio made us commit to the future in a way we didn’t know was possible or required. The process was at times so big that we couldn’t see why it needed to happen that way, nor its benefits and pitfalls. Why was this so challenging? What’s the bigger picture?

Why is it like this?
Astrology can help us see the bigger picture — the archetypes (inner symbols) that we are playing out, the motivations behind our actions, the timing of processes and events. Here the key lies in Saturn and in the nature of the boundary between Scorpio and Sagittarius.

Scorpio is about transformation — changes in form. It deals with the forces of change, those things larger than ourselves, from society and all its machinations to our infinite inner life. It is associated with the 8th House in the chart — the place of “death and taxes”. It is about the baggage of society and our connections to it, and it is about the processes of letting go of that baggage as it no longer suits us. If our body is baggage for the soul, then there comes a time when that must be transformed as well, released into the void.

Coming after Scorpio, Sagittarius then is about what comes after the transformation — what comes after death. It is the Sign of transcendence. It is about what we experience after we let go of all those burdens that weighed us down: Freedom! By element, Watery Scorpio is the fertile marshlands; Fiery Sagittarius is sparks flying in the air.

Saturn takes us through a profound and sometimes painful process of dispassionately examining how well things are working for us in the “real world”. It presses us to restructure our conditions so that they provide full support to us as responsible human beings. Saturn sometimes feels like it takes no prisoners, but in fact that is precisely what it does. We are imprisoned until we release outmoded structures. We hold the keys to the locked door, and all that stands between us and freedom is the obstacle course that we put up in the past to make us feel safe. If what once offered safety now feels confining, you know it is time to clear it out. This is what Saturn in Scorpio put to us: Let it go or let it imprison us.

Saturn in Sagittarius is a different kettle of fish entirely. It focuses us on the transcendent moment. The movement into Sagittarius from Scorpio by any planet is a Grand Whoosh into the stratosphere. We become sparks on the wind, flitting here and there, Tinkerbells in a Neverland of disembodied freedom. We are shot from the depths of the enveloping waters into the heights of limitlessness.

002 (3)Strange New World
Just as this implies, we may feel a bit uncertain: no earth beneath our feet, no structures to tie ourselves to. Freedom means uncertainty. It means limitlessness but the fact is that we need structures (limits) to bind us, to help us feel safe, to give us a stable reality from one day to the next. Structures allows us to plan, to ensure our future (so reducing anxiety), and give us a springboard into ways we can manifest other forms into being — an identity, a job, money, partners, family.

Since 2008, we have been pushed by another phenomenon, a complete change in the way the world works. This has upped the ante on what we do with Saturn — made those decisions about how we go about life more important and transformational. We set our sights on new goals, wanting and needing more change than ever before.

Saturn has been taking us through the process of preparing to contribute (in Virgo), reshaping relationships (in Libra) and clearing the past (in Scorpio). Now, finally, we are ready. We have cleared our inner landscape of so many ruins and so much clutter. We did this anticipating the transcendent moment, when Saturn went into Sagittarius. Then, we are able to make a new start; then, we are able to build what we’ve long dreamed of.

Image by krystaleyez.
Image by krystaleyez.
The trouble is, we may not realize that Sagittarius puts in a raw landscape, with nothing in it. Or seemingly nothing. We already have the benefit of our dreams, and unbeknownst to us, those dreams have already created etheric forms, barely perceptible but definitely there. Our new life has already begun. Although we may seem to be staring out over an empty field, the seeds have already been planted, the DNA of what’s to come already shaping an orchard of love here, a row of prosperity there, an acre of joy, a harvest of purpose and fulfillment already in the works.

But where did everybody go?
But Saturn also carries with it a sense of autonomy, of being alone in our plans and perspective, however many people may surround us. Saturn in Sagittarius can feel like we’re a stranger in a strange land, alien, possibly alienated. If we are without pinnings as we fly through the air, we are also without associates. This is as it should be. Our landscape is our own, to develop purely in our own essence and image without interference. We are to make it what we will, according to no one else’s dreams but our own.

We still have to develop an interface with the world, with society, but for a brief time we will work in an enveloped space. Our landscape is in the womb of our inner reality until it is ready to emerge as fully formed as necessary to be able to breathe on its own. But it already exists.

Everyone has their own time line for the birth process. It can be tracked in your birth chart. Some people have already given birth; others will do so more toward the end of the process, in 2017, with just as many in between. Some of us will experience multiple births.

Who does this affect?
If you have planets in any of the Mutable Signs, you are affected. If you are Sagittarius, you are challenged to change yourself — your personality and identity to inspire and create. If you are Virgo, a new road in relationship and prosperity through relationship lies ahead — but it’s just the beginning. For Pisces, it’s time to let someone else into your life — someone who grounds your dreams into reality. For Gemini, it can feel like too many choices or none. If it’s too many, wait for the best ones to emerge. If it’s too few, look for ways that you have boxed yourself into a corner, and you’ll find the right door to open.

Now is not the time to fret over the empty landscape. As you cultivate the garden, you develop its vibration, and the perfect-for-you people are automatically magnetized into their rightful positions, until your realm is populated with all that you need to live a life of contribution, peace-love-joy, and fulfillment. Now is the time to thrill in the pure potential of this time and see your dreams take shape from the mists of the unseen world.

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