Welcome to the Karmic Crunch! Or How to Lose 100 Pounds of Unneeded Baggage

Welcome to the Karmic Crunch!
Or How to Lose 100 Pounds of Unneeded Baggage

Call in with your birth time Friday July 24, 1 pm PT.
Call in with your birth time Friday July 24, 1 pm PT.

Welcome to the Karmic Crunch, the three weeks when we can lose 100 pounds of baggage! Although we hate lost luggage, baggage is another thing. Something we’ve been carrying around for at least three years — or maybe several lifetimes — is now up for release. The question is, can we do it? And what will that feel like?

Learn more about the Karmic Crunch on The Astrologer’s Daughter Radio Show Friday July 24, 1 pm PT.

We have four things going on right now: (Don’t worry about the technical bits, just focus on the dates and ‘what it means’ if you’re blinded by the science.)

The first is the Venus retrograde, which we’ve been feeling for at least a week. She’s been slowing down, grinding to an apparent halt as she rounds the bend of her orbit, getting ready to zoom across the face of the Sun on its Earth-facing side. She has been spectacularly interacting with Jupiter as she rises into the Western sky after sunset, but now, slowed to a crawl, she has begun her fall back into the Sun.

Venus and Jupiter on June 19, 2015
Venus and Jupiter on June 19, 2015

Venus officially turns retrograde on Saturday (tomorrow) July 25, but that’s splitting hairs. She will move “backward” through the Zodiac for 44 days, returning to forward motion on September 6. During that time, she returns to Leo on July 31, where she will remain until October 8.

Between July 18 and 31, Venus is in Virgo and activating the powers of the star Regulus in our lives. This is especially significant because Regulus has just crossed the boundary into Virgo after several thousand years in the Sign of Leo. It signals a major shift in our way of understanding and valuing the use the power. Now the power is handed over to the feminine — or those carrying the feminine qualities — of compassion, nurturance, and mercy. The power is given via subtle universal forces to those who wield these qualities, rather than those who rely on force and authority — gentle persuasion and rehabilitation over judgment and punishment. (We can see this in the movement toward rehabilitation of those committing crimes, and the restorative movement in education — seeing children who act out as children in need of support.)

The questions that arise from Venus (with Jupiter and Regulus) are: How do I need to change my relationships with others to allow me to be my true self? How can I remove judgment and authority from my life? How can I free myself of anything that separates me from love? How can I serve — what is my cause for the better of my community?

Terry Lamb
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#2: Full Mercury. On Thursday (July 23), we reached the halfway point in the Mercury cycle that began May 30. This is a peak of insight as we stand back from our life and evaluate what’s happened since then. Do our actions stand up to our current understanding? Can we forgive ourselves and others?

#3: The Venus-Mars conjunction. Underneath, all of this is about relationships. The people we have collected around us are those with whom we share an agreement to work something out, even if it is uncomfortable or inconvenient. We started a long working out process in June 2012, and we will continue this throughout our life as we search for and develop our relationship with our Divine Companion/Counterpart. This person reflects our worst qualities back to us as well as our best, so it’s not an easy road, but it is the worthy one. On August 31, we reach the second of three conjunctions between these planets of love, sex, and courtship, and this is already in play. It will be more intensely activated during the Karmic Crunch, the hidden issue that no one is talking about but sits in the back of our mind driving every action and decision. This will come to the forefront in August, especially during the Karmic Crunch. (See my blog entries previous to this for the details.)

#4: The squares to Saturn — The Karmic Crunch
Saturn has been lurking in the background (or wreaking havoc in the foreground for some) since its return to Scorpio on June 14. However, we began to feel the crunchiness around July 13, when Venus made her first (of 3) squares to Saturn. Tied with other events of that week, it cracked open some situations for healing.

While seeds were planted then, the real Crunch is from July 23 – August 21, with a peak from July 31 – August 7.

What have I been dying to change but haven’t been able to? Where do I need to bite the bullet and let go of a cherished idea? What feels right, takes me to my center? If I open my heart, where does it take me?

What Does This Mean to Us?
We can get in touch with the meaning of all this by understanding more about the themes suggested by these planets and their Sign placements:

Leo is about love and finding our center. Even though we are tied to others and thrive on those connections, we are the center of our own universe. Once we find our True Center — the Soul — we operate from that center in harmony with all beings and circumstances (even if it feels uncomfortable). We do what is right and affirming for the highest good, because we are experiencing love when we do it. We must discover our inner dignity, self-acceptance, and -respect to be in harmony with others. This is the lesson of Leo — to discover and come from the place of our self-sovereignty. It is only then that we will recognize ourselves for who We really Are — our true magnificence — so that we can step into our true role of service on the planet.

Scorpio tells us where we have to let go of what is old and outworn, no matter how it feels. You know what it is, and you know it’s the right thing. You may just resist doing it, even now that all the evidence is in. But you know what? You’re going to do it anyway, and it’s the best thing.

The Virgo/Regulus theme is guiding us to begin to live a life in true leadership. A true King or Queen is a steward of his/her domain, not a star. It is not about golden wealth but about wealth in community. The question is not how can I rule, but how can I serve?

The feminine (and its virtues) are on the rise. This does not necessarily mean women, but women have been forced to be the exclusive embodiment/carriers of these virtues, and all who carry them will rise. Men who carry them — the Dalai Lama, Barack Obama, Joss Whedon, Judd Apatow — will also rise.

Getting rid of baggage is often difficult. We have gotten so used to carrying it, we don’t even know it’s there. It feels like a part of us. Yet we see the obstacles the baggage creates in the form of the job we’re afraid to leave, the conflict we’re afraid to bring up.

How Can We Make the Most of These Energies?

  • Listen to our inner guidance.
  • Take time out to explore our inner landscape (give up busy-ness = modern epidemic).
  • Find the thing you need to give up and let it go (this may be more than one thing).
  • Know that you will make it through, no matter how difficult it is.
  • Know that if it’s right for you, it has to work for others as well, no matter how you might imagine that they feel. If we don’t step into the truth and challenge our relationships, we’ll never know who that other person really is. They may surprise you with their ability to change. It lifts us all to find our center and move into alignment with divine harmony, even if it feels awful at first. That’s just scraping the baggage off where it got stuck to us.
  • Give up alienation. Alienation is about holding ourselves separate from those things we might otherwise connect to, often because someone has asserted authority over us or because we don’t think we deserve it.
  • Trust that all this is happening for a reason, even if we don’t understand it. In fact, it would be impossible to understand much of it at this point. Give up guilt over involving others — or over anything. We are human and have the right (and responsibility) to learn from our mistakes.

Underneath alienation is a judgment we have accepted as true about us. It feels yucky. We feel isolated, alone, unloved, unlovable. Why would we want to feel like that? Why should we accept that? It doesn’t make us feel better. Remove the judgment and the alienation. Look at the facts. Look at where the judgment comes from. Somewhere in there is the seed of love. No matter what, no matter how wounded it appears, it all comes from love. Everything comes from love, even if it comes in the form of twisted, anguished aggression. While this does not mean that we should withstand violence or harm in any way, when we give up alienation and judgment and bring love to the table, all situations are improved. Perhaps most importantly, we feel better and the world becomes a better place with each heart that is opened.

We don’t have to hop on the bandwagon with someone who projects negative emotions into the atmosphere. We don’t owe it to anyone to be isolated and imprisoned in a cage of someone else’s feelings about us. We can love them and if necessary leave them (Divineror at least get out of the blast zone). When we find our true inner Leo, the love we feel in our heart becomes a beacon in the darkness of separation and indifference. This becomes easier if we remember that it always comes from love, however misunderstood or misused.

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Crazy Out of Your Mind! Why the Planets Say That’s a Good Thing

Crazy Out of Your Mind!
Why the Planets Say That’s a Good Thing

Tune in to the show Sunday June 21, 7 pm PT.
Tune in to the show Sunday June 21, 7 pm PT.
Tune in to the show Sunday June 7, 7 pm PT to learn more.[/caption]If you’ve been feeling like you’re going crazy lately, you’re not alone! The planets are taking us on a wild and wacky ride that won’t be over til November. Join Kelly, Teresa, and special guest Terry Lamb on The Astrologer’s Daughter Show (Sunday June 21, 7 PM PT) as they sort out the highs and lows of this roller coaster ride we’re already on. Learn to ride it, enjoy it, and use it to make your life better! Call in with your birth time for a look at your personal chart.

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Terry LambSomething happened for you on June 14. If you are exceptionally well tuned in, you may know what it is. For most of us however, it was hidden, just below our perception, to emerge gradually over the coming days, weeks, and months. This inspires us to choose a new, nobler direction. It challenges us to let go of something from the deep past that we have been ignoring, perhaps for years.

This is the nature of the Sun-Mars conjunction, where the Sun catches up with Mars and appears to consume it in its brilliant light. This occurs once every two years and two months and marks off a cycle of growth through action.

What does the Sun-Mars conjunction mean to me?
When the ancients observed the night sky, they made stories about the warrior-prince being consumed by the lord of all things. They may have pictured it as a task of huge proportion — the trials of Hercules or Theseus. They may have seen it as the hero burning in the fires of the spirit, to be reborn as the Great King, Arjuna meeting Krishna.

The planets lead us in weaving our own life tapestry made of the silk of our imagination, our world of possibilities. This planetary union is no exception. It carries the theme of its Sign location, Gemini. This couples it with three other bodies: Mercury, Neptune, and Chiron. These planets put together — Sun, Mars, Mercury, Neptune, and Chiron — have opened the proverbial crack in the Cosmic Egg, which lets in the light and shows us where we have strayed from our soul’s desired path.

With this heady stew of energies, we come to realize where we have made choices that are not in our highest interest — something we’ve been thinking about for a long time — but with Mars in activation, we know we have to do something about it, and we do it. We understand with clear and firm conviction that the chronic pain of staying stuck is worse than the quick pain of changing. We release ourselves from the past, perhaps in one great crescendo, or perhaps in little steps up the mountain toward our heart’s desire.

For some of us, these changes will happen now; while for others, they will come after some necessary delays. Either way, they open the floodgates to a broader vista of our life and affirm our most fulfilling path forward. We are simultaneously gutted and inspired as we simply do what is needed, what our soul cries out for.

Why is this happening to me?

The Colossus of Rhodes
The Colossus of Rhodes, a Wonder of the Ancient World
Since early May, we have been inundated by the din of inner and outer voices, a cacophony of murmurs that split us, our own Colossus of Rhodes bridging two worlds, old and new. It is time to shift our weight from the foot of the past onto the foot of the future — to take the next step. Many people I have spoken to have felt as though they are losing their mind, being split in two, feeling schizophrenic.

There is a method in this madness. Gemini is about union between spirit and matter through the mind. It can be thought of as the interaction between Lower and Higher Mind. Lower mind is the mind of facts and data, a body of knowledge gained from study of the world around us. Higher mind is the wisdom derived from our experiences, including the collation of the knowledge gained through Lower Mind. In A Gift from Daniel by Karen Alexander, Daniel refers to Lower Mind as a cage. It provides a structure to the mental body (intellect), one of the structured layers in our aura. The Cage contains all the conditioning we receive from childhood, culture, parents, ancestors, and previous lives.

What’s going on with the Cage right now?
In the process of spiritualization — growing our subtle-energy side — the mental body must lose this cage, because it imposes limitations on our ability to think. The trouble is, we don’t think that’s what’s happening at the time. When the Cage starts to go, it dissolves (under the influence of Sea-God Neptune). This can leave us feeling adrift. The facts we used to be able to pull out of our head at the drop of a hat suddenly become hard to access, lost, irrelevant.

What’s happening is that the mental body is changing its structure. It is moving from creating a reality for us of ‘caged definites’ to one of ‘fluid truths’. We are unplugging from the limited intellect of humanity to the unbounded wisdom and awareness of the Cosmic Mind. Through Cosmic Mind, we plug in to greater power. We access intuition with the speed of light. As the shift completes itself, all the facts and data we need come to us without effort again, on the river of consciousness that now flows through our aura where the Cage used to be.

The High Priestess by Pamela Colman Smith
The High Priestess by Pamela Colman Smith
This river is the stream of consciousness, and it is shown in the Major Arcana of the Tarot, springing from the gown of the High Priestess (lower right corner) and flows through the remaining keys (cards) of the Tarot. Once this transformation occurs, clairvoyants see a change in our aura. Instead of a structured matrix (the Cage), a fluid, glowing river of energy travels through the mental body — the stream of consciousness. We are plugged in to Cosmic Mind. The knowledge we need comes to us like bubbles floating to the surface, gently and easily.

What does this feel like?
Under the influence of these planets, many people are making this shift. With Mars involved, it is happening quickly, even ruthlessly. We may feel scorched by the heat of the shift. We may feel like our reality is coming apart. We may bounce back and forth between two versions of our world. It is one step on the path of admitting the light into our physical form, the process of becoming identified with our light body-being in addition to our physical body-being.

What else is going on out there?

Jupiter and Venus on June 19, 2015
Jupiter and Venus [lower, brighter] on June 19, 2015
However, these planets are not operating in a vacuum. We find them relieved and supported by Venus and Jupiter coming together in radiant Leo, connecting us to the Cosmic Course Corrector Uranus in Aries. A new Self is emerging from the Egg, one we barely dared breathe a hint of its existence only weeks ago.

Although Venus-Jupiter and Uranus augment the feel-good side, they will soon propose a new demanding adventure for us to embark on. (See Wealth & Love … With a Twist of Fate.) The planets Sun, Mars, and Mercury will soon take these changes into our feeling side as they enter Cancer, to root them deep in our psyche so we ‘own’ them.

So what’s the story?
All of these interactions play a part in the bigger story of the coronation of the King and Queen, where the Royal Couple receive their mandate for change, to work in service to humanity in some way. There are many Kings and Queens, some of whom work as couples, others singly. Inwardly, a King is not one who is crowned by right of heredity, but by merit of his character and worthiness. It is a responsibility more than an honor, for a Queen is given a particular stewardship for her community — the community she is called to serve. This year, King-Queen couples (and individuals working singly) are stepping up and taking on their life work.

There are many kings among us. Leonardo diCaprio is a King whose stewardship is the planet, as is Edward Norton or Angelina Jolie. Pope Francis is a steward of those who are downtrodden, both human and nonhuman, as was Maya Angelou. Key among the qualities that a king must hold is incorruptibility. They must hold a pure and searing vision and adhere to it as they follow the ebb and flow of life, without getting caught in their ego. This is always a work in progress — we are never fully clear of ego as long as we inhabit a body.

How is a King or Queen created? Why is this happening now?
Although this process is always happening, the planets occasionally foster it in a wave of powerful support. The meeting of Sun-Mars signals a vital stage in the process by which the Prince becomes King. Mars is the ego, which must be burned off in the light of the Sun (Spirit). This is an arduous, even painful, process.

But coronation is nigh. As Mars burns off the ego in the Sun, Venus and Jupiter beckon us to reach for our higher ideals, because it is those that will take us to the throne where we will have our Sacred Mission conferred upon us. Each of us will be crowned with our own unique stewardship.

Venus becomes Queen and accepts her mate-King at the end of summer (the August 31st Venus-Mars conjunction), and together they are crowned on November 2 and receive the Mandate of Service that they will fulfill as a Royal Couple. We will see new Royal Couples emerge in the coming months. George and Amal Clooney come to mind.

What is it like to take on this path?
There is no separation between the Royal Couple and their flock; they carry their beloved community within them, the seeds of their consciousness to guide them forward through their carefully honed vision. Each of us has the capability to be a King or Queen, but it may not be our purpose this lifetime. Each of us can rise to the path of incorruptible stewardship, but even among those who might, not many choose the hardships that must be endured as we eradicate our weaknesses to become worthy of the task (and prevent creating negative karma).

If we do not choose this — if it is not for us — we will see others around us who are stepping into such a role so we can fulfill our own noble purpose. They will be there to inspire us as we take our own path. However, every time we take a Higher-Mind (Cosmic) viewpoint, we are stepping into a Royal role.

There are many examples of tainted leadership and hollow authority around us, and we must learn to see through them as a part of our education. We must find our own misunderstandings. It is long and difficult — the more difficult, the greater the responsibility that will soon be conferred upon us. We find ourselves separated from others, feel held to a higher standard — all of which is hard to explain to those who do not yet see what this is.

Although this path is one of honor, it is not about receiving honors. Although this path is rewarding, it is not about receiving rewards. Instead, it is one of constantly unfolding humility as we hold a piece of human creation in our hands to be fostered to maturity. This is the true Royal Path.

No matter what our path, we are all being called to serve a greater purpose and take on more challenges as humanity, our planet, and all life squeeze across a bridge to a sustainable, peaceful reality. If you are reading this, you can be sure you are among those called to serve in some way.

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Wealth and Love . . . With a Twist of Fate

Wealth and Love . . . With a Twist of Fate

Terry LambIf you look at the sky after sunset these days, you can see a glorious sight, and one that can bring riches and love with a twist of fate. As the sky darkens, you’ll see two diamonds shining more brightly than the others — the planets Venus (lower, brightest) and Jupiter (higher, dimmer) — moving closer to each other every night.

These planets are doing a dance that starts June 5 and lasts through October 25. They mark off a life chapter where we can create abundance — but we have a challenge to overcome if we want to reach the pot of gold. These are not your ordinary forms of wealth, and so are not gained merely by completing our usual daily tasks of going to work or completing a project. Tune in to the Astrologer’s Daughter Show on Sunday June 7 at 7 pm PT to hear Teresa Clark and guest host Terry Lamb give you the skinny on how to get there.

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The Astrologer's Daughter Radio Show. Tune in to the show Sunday June 7, 7 pm PT to learn more.
Tune in to the show Sunday June 7, 7 pm PT to learn more.

What kind of wealth are you talking about?
These are extraordinary forms of wealth — inner wealth, which comes to us from life’s challenges and heartbreaks as much as from our more joyful experiences. Inner wealth is gained by completing inner tasks, or inwardly motivated tasks, those tasks which we burn inside to take on and conquer, fulfilling our greatest longing and highest ideals. This is true wealth, beyond any money or physical possession.

This is the door that Venus and Jupiter will show us this summer and fall, but we must choose it and open it, surmounting with determination, calm, and courage every obstacle that presents itself. If we allow this energy to sweep through us, our life will be dramatically changed by the year’s end. It’s time to reach for our brass ring!

When do these meetings occur?
The first appearance is already coming into formation in the evening sky, there for our viewing enjoyment. They make their closest contact in the evening sky on July 1. After that, Venus speeds beyond Jupiter, but it doesn’t get very far before it starts to fall back into the Sun around July 25. It falls back to Jupiter on August 4, still in the evening sky but somewhat harder to see, as they will be closer to the brightness of the Sun. The third encounter requires us to rise before dawn to behold their magnificence. Venus and Jupiter have their final meeting on October 25.

Why is this happening?
Ordinarily, Venus conjoins Jupiter once each year. However, this year Venus is retrograding in Leo, where Jupiter is currently located. This happens fairly rarely. Although Venus retrogrades once every 19 months, it is not usually in the same Sign as Jupiter when this occurs.

This is particularly positive because Venus and Jupiter are both about the good things in life — love, joy, comfort, ease, fulfillment. But just as King Midas discovered, there can be too much of a good thing. As long as we use a healthy dose of moderation and common sense to temper our expectations, we will find this a joyful time.

What does this mean for me?
This means that we have a path before us, with obstacles lining the road to be overcome as we make our journey. Venus and Jupiter tune us in to what we want and how we expand our horizons to attain it. They are about love, riches, confidence, well-being, connection to our Soul, and fulfillment of our Soul purpose. We want to reach for something just beyond our fingertips, and if we stretch and stretch, we just might get it!

Of course, we might reach too far and fall on our face. We might choose a path that offers considerable difficulty — one that requires more perseverance and effort than can be resolved in the 5 months that Venus-Jupiter offer us. We might have other circumstances that intervene or undermine our ability to reach our goal (or boost us on our way in unexpected ways).

But these do not come from Venus and Jupiter! They offer us the height of ecstasy, which in human terms is always coupled with the possibility of despair. It is our job to be aware of both extremes and know that joy and love are our divine birthright. We will certainly be challenged this summer. Our feelings will find all the extremes. We will be reminded why we love being alive; we will be reminded that we are vulnerable to pain at any moment.

Tune in to The Astrologer’s Daughter Radio Show June 7, 7pm PT, to learn more and call in for your chart reading.

Whether our path is focused on love or not, it enters into the picture because Venus is involved. Venus and Jupiter make their first two contacts in Leo. This is the Sign of our glorious Sun, the Sign of the Heart. We will feel deep into our heart space the spirit that beckons us to love profoundly, passionately, and completely. We will resound with its messages and learn to speak its language of love.

This is where fate comes in.
Our most powerful relationships are built on ties developed over many lifetimes. When we meet a new person, rekindle an old flame, or renew our commitment to our current beloved — we are charging up the engine of destiny and responding to fate. It feels deep; it feels good; it feels compelling. You suddenly know what all those love songs are about.

But with human love, comes attachment. With attachment comes suffering. We will also suffer to the extent that we become attached to the objects of our joy, love, and pleasure. This is the challenge of this time: to be in it but not of it, to love as if time does not exist, to allow our passion to fuel us without destroying us.

Are there any other factors I should be aware of?
Uranus and Mars are players in this too, in a good way. The desire for something is strong under Venus and Jupiter, but the ability to get it is amplified by interactions with Mars and Uranus. In particular, Uranus has been angling with Jupiter in a positive way all winter and spring. Now it’s time for a little reward to come our way, according to the efforts we’ve made to use this energy.

Mars is in the middle of a beautiful interaction with Venus as well. They make an unusual three conjunctions this year. The first (and subject of our show on March 8) came on February 21 with the planting of a tiny seed of love — hidden yet potent. Their second encounter comes on August 31, not far from Jupiter, revealing a hidden, fated factor. Their third encounter is on November 2, while Jupiter is still in range. These three planets will be a stupendous sight just before dawn at that time, and they will bring breathtaking events.

Where might I expect to find my pot of gold?
The area where wealth will come to us is different for each person. It could be financial of course, but perhaps for you it will be a wealth of understanding or an abundance of good health. Depending on your Sign (Sun, Moon, or Rising Sign/Ascendant), your wealth will come in the form of:

Aries:     Romance, children, sports (5th House)
Taurus:    Family, home, private life, real estate (4th House)
Gemini:    Cultural events, communication, insight, siblings (3rd House)
Cancer:    Resources (time, money, skills, energy), changing priorities (2nd House)
Leo:       Self-development, a bold new start (1st House)
Virgo:     Random events, spirituality, contemplation (12th House)
Libra:     Groups, colleagues, rewards, recognition (11th House)
Scorpio:   Career, business, leadership (10th House)
Sagittarius: Dreams, education, travel, the quest (9th House)
Capricorn: Others’ resources, bequests, hidden urges (8th House)
Aquarius:  Partnerships (business, personal, etc.), agreements, people you meet (7th House)
Pisces:    Work, health, service (6th House)

What if it’s not the kind of wealth I want or need?
Abundance in one area can be dispersed into other areas once it has accumulated. What we have too much of can be shared with others. Circulating our wealth brings it back to us in other forms.

What can you tell me that will help me use this time and energy to the fullest?
First, try to stand outside your emotions and observe them, good or bad. Remember that this too shall pass. Second, keep your eyes on the prize — but recognize that your idea of what the prize is may change. Third, this is a sacred process and it has fate behind it. You are following y our destiny and fulfilling y our purpose when you take on the path of the most feeling, even if some of it is pain. Fourth and finally, the purpose of this is to strip you of suffering and pain and to bring you to your full experience of love-joy-peace-harmony in all things. Sometimes it’s hard to see that when we’re in the pits. You may have to visit there, but you don’t have to stay — in fact, it is your obligation to escape — into the light.

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