Wake Up to the New: 2013 Brings a Gentler Wave

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by Terry Lamb ©

It’s like we’re all Rip Van Winkles, waking after a long sleep. It’s more than the usual winter hibernation in the dark — there’s a huge shift taking place, and we are wise to allow ourselves the time to absorb it, whatever we can spare.

2013 promises to be a gentler year than 2012 (or the three before it). In fact, it may feel more like the normal we used to know, with caveats. Of course, Uranus and Pluto are still doing their thing out there, and they aren’t going away for a few years yet. However, the number of contacts and the way in which they connect fall more in the range of what we might call “normal” in frequency, timing, and intensity. It’s almost like life has returned to normal too.

The Longer the Cycle, the Deeper It Goes.snake-lemniscate-david-heskin
But not quite. The long-term changes that we have been focused on must continue. We are still deep into several big cyclic transitions, the longest being 26000 years marked by the solstice, one wobble of Earth on her axis, called the Great Year. Imagine that you are clearing 26000 years’ worth of garbage out of your backyard. That’s what we’re doing with our psyche: emotions, mental constructs, karmic baggage, spiritual blueprint. And there’s plenty of actual garbage to clear as well, as we rectify our relationship with Planet Earth.

The Uranus-Pluto cycle of roughly 120 years, the Chiron-Neptune cycle of 65 years are both at turning points as well. All these cycles represent factors that take years (if not millennia) to develop and whose resulting conditions won’t change overnight. It helps to know that what happens related to the Great Year has been with us for at least 200 years already, and the shift to the new Great Year is a subtle adjustment in the prevailing winds leading to another 200 years of renewal.

The seeds of the Uranus-Pluto process were sown in the mid-60s. The unrest, the insistence on equality for all, “Power to the People”, is being echoed now in the #occupy movement. It may seem as though conditions have not changed (except to worsen) since then, but that is not true: A process of emergence has occurred. There is more awareness of the conflict between the forces that resist change and the ones that require it, both in society and in ourselves. We also see (in larger numbers) what must be done — no more hiding from climate change or the cruelty of an economic system that enslaves people and nations through debt.

earth-angelHighlights for 2013
We’re not getting out of the situations tied to these cycles anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean the conditions won’t change — transformation is guaranteed. The shift is made as a series of steps. What we can expect in 2013 is a more gradual, graceful movement forward in some areas, punctuated by the periodic staccato of sudden change as the volatile Uranus-Pluto process is activated.

The gentler energies can be used as a foundation for our new life. In 2013, we can get more accomplished since we will have fewer interruptions, fewer events to throw us out of balance, more stability to wrap around ourselves. There are three configurations that will characterize 2013:

Minor Grand Trine
The foundation for our experience of 2013 is a Minor Grand Trine (see Chart A). Once Saturn entered Scorpio last October, it started creating harmonies where it was opening us to extreme challenges in the past. It’s true, the issues we face are still challenging, and Saturn in Scorpio carries its own dilemmas, but we can see a constructive way forward as a structure begins to emerge from the tsunami of change. This helps uchartA011413s to be stronger and to use our strength constructively. It feels like we’re beginning to get a handle on life again. This is with us throughout the year, but it is especially strong through September, until Saturn moves on to later degrees.

Jupiter Yod
Jupiter is the odd one out and brings forward long-term challenges, in a pattern that has been with us since October as well. Jupiter is at the pointy end of a yod, also called a Finger of Fate (Chart A). The two sides of this tall isosceles triangle are made up of quincunxes, that great revealer of ambiguity. In this instance, we may feel trapped by circumstances and not sure of the way out. With so many unknowns, we are uncertain of what’s real, what we can rely on. The resistance we feel from the universe (or our circumstances) feels like fate, but if so it is a fate we chose sometime in the past, however distant. By persisting through the doubt and uncertainty, relying on our initial insights that brought us here, we can prevail within this framework to a new platform of life. Built on the sextile between Saturn and Pluto, we need to be willing to transform ourselves and stare down our feelings of entrapment. Freedom seems tantalizingly close, and it comes as a release, not a prison break.

When Jupiter goes forward January 30, we start to feel freedom come to us spontaneously, propelled by our past efforts. Freeing ourselves becomes easier at that time, and we are fully released once Jupiter clears this pattern at the end of March. Our process with Jupiter — one that started in early June 2012 — will be sorted by late April, and we will complete by June 25, when Jupiter enters Cancer.

chartB011413Water Grand Trine/Kite/Cradle
When Jupiter goes into Cancer June 25, it’s a new ball game and a good one in many ways. Cancer is Jupiter’s exaltation, which means that we just feel better when Jupiter is in Cancer. We feel more secure, confident, loved, and joyful. In this fertile emotional environment, we generate the kinds of wealth that Jupiter is famous for. We’re wafted aloft even higher by the Water Grand Trine that forms when Jupiter links hands with Neptune-Chiron in Pisces and Saturn (still in Scorpio). This will bring powerful waves of positive feelings that we can all use right now!

This is launched as soon as Jupiter enters Cancer, and it will stay with us through May 2014. Grand Trines can tend us toward extremes related to the element (Fire, Earth, Air, or Water) that this triangle is found in, but on the whole we benefit by this pattern. The Grand Trine is augmented by other harmonies. With Pluto in Capricorn, Jupiter will oppose it and carry its energy forward until it leaves Cancer (entering Leo) in July 2014. This forms a Kite (Chart B), which carries enough internal tension to lead to achievements as we deal with its highly transformative energies. This pattern is in turn nestled in a Cradle Configuration when other planets join it from the Earth signs Taurus or Virgo (Chart C). A Cradle is formed when there are at least four planets making sextiles and trines to each ochartC011413ther.   Plus, when both Taurus and Virgo are populated, a Grand Sextile is formed (such as in Chart C).

We have been experiencing the Cradle Configuration intermittently since Saturn has moved into Scorpio, where it is harmonically balanced with most of the other movers and shakers in the solar system Although right now the Moon makes up the fourth twice a month (when it is in Taurus or Virgo), the core planets in the pattern give us the space to create a truly strong foundation for our new projects. A Saturn sextile to Pluto and a trine to Neptune-Chiron endure throughout the year, a fertile and stable place to grow our garden of dreams.

Without even being aware of it, this helps us establish a rhythm of activity that leads to productivity.

figure-8The Challenges of 2013
Of course, there are the sticky times as well, when the energy is jagged or intense. Besides the Yod, there is the ongoing interaction of Uranus and Pluto, always on background until it leaps forward when contacted by other planets. When the other planets join in, as Jupiter does once in Cancer, the tensions ramp up. This is true at the end of June, early August, early October, December (and beyond). This is the renowned Cardinal Cross energy, still with us since 2010. It is our wake-up call to live sustainably, and we all have to shake the cultural slumber from our eyes. This pattern is activated weekly, for two days, by the Moon as well.

The year’s opening finds us in the middle of healing process. Jupiter is the sharp end of the stick on this one as well, as it makes three squares to Chiron, planetoid of the Wounded Healer. With Jupiter in Gemini, we are wobbling about something, trying to figure out how to heal something from all angles and not sure how to approach it. This is a multi-faceted situation, rich with areas ripe for growth.

The Small Picture
Finally, the personal planets (Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars) are traveling in a pack, with Mars leading and Venus trailing. This will reverse itself over the first six months of the year, with a new Venus-Mars cycle in the offing in early April. In January, Venus trails the others through Capricorn, finally connecting with the big guns just in time to seed the January 11 New Moon with the power of authentic, transformative love.

love-flameIn the Fall, both Venus and Mars prepare us for their newest retrogrades, introducing new plot twists to our love sagas. Venus commences her dive into the Sun on December 21; Mars starts his apparent backward travel on March 1 2014. For more on the current Dance of Love, get the guide.

And in January . . .
This means that relationships are on the front burner for everyone in January, especially for Cardinal types (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) and Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn). Unresolved relationship situations are legion right now, but we’ll start to turn this trend around in January, as we can finally turn to this vital aspect of our personal happiness quotient. It took a while for us to dig the hole we’re in, so we won’t have this resolved overnight; however, we’ll establish the pathways for peace and harmony that will be developed throughout the year.

Floating Lantern Festival Chiang Mai, ThailandJupiter’s cycle has culminated, and it is nearing the end of its retrograde (January 30) after a rolling culmination as the personal planets triggered it October 28 and December 2, 17, and 22. Situations that got complicated in June and September-October will move forward at that time, with signs of improvement before then. This participates in a deep clearing process that was initiated by Venus and the eclipses in early June. Fortunately, we have been working hard on clearing what stands in our way (even if we don’t realize it yet), and we will be on our way to new freedom by January’s end.

Pluto’s new yearly cycle of transformation started December 30 with more access to calmer energies than in recent years. That doesn’t mean we’ll automatically be more at peace, but we will have easier access to inner peace if we choose it. This is the most creative part of the cycle, so set your intention for what you want to transform (or more likely, can’t avoid transforming) in the coming year.

Train the Beast
The time of the Wolf, the shadow “beast” we each carry inside us, is over for now. The collective form of this shadow has been revealed and its effigy burned at the altar of the True Self. The beast is tamed and trained, not destroyed. As we crocean-angelossed the threshold into our new Great Year, the old shadow was released. It will return to be shaped in a brand new mold, however we (as in all of consciousness, one individual at a time) want to shape it. Let the healing continue!

We can’t say that our past is gone, but our understanding of it is substantially altered. Look at where you were a year — two years — ago. We remember what has happened, but we see it through new eyes, the eyes of the soul, to which we awaken more fully every day. ~

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    Thanks for the wonderful 2013 post! I’m sure I’ll refer to it often this year.