We Are Preparing Our Future: Update for mid-March 2010

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The current Mercury and Mars retrogrades (yes, they are both moving “backward” right now) have one thing in common. They induce us to prepare. Maybe it’s because we don’t have anything better to do. Maybe it’s because we recognize that as things start to come into form that — gasp! — we aren’t quite ready for what’s ahead.

However we come to the realization, there’s no doubt that we’re busy getting ready. When we started the process (especially if we haven’t followed the planetary cycles), we didn’t realize how long it would take. We wanted/needed change, big change. We didn’t fully understand what we had to let go of, open up to, and how long we had to be patient.

But as dreams come into form, their reality may surprise us. With Mars in Virgo (the ultimate sign of preparation), the Earth Grand Trine, and Mercury retrograde anywhere, we are setting the stage for a new story to play out in our lives. It can be a big, beautiful story with happy endings. We are launching a two-year cycle, and a 4-month cycle, so the potential of this time is great.

One of the most important ways we can prepare is to cast away what is old and outmoded. We can’t bring something new in if we’re still filled to capacity with what has gone before. To truly let it go, we have to bless it on its way but firmly push it out the door. The themes will tie in to where Mars is traveling in your chart. Here’s a quick list of what you’ll be letting go of:
Aries – unhealthy ways of “taking care of yourself”
Taurus – re-evaluating risk versus security, letting go of living in “safe mode”
Gemini – toxic factors in your home environment and family
Cancer – ways of thinking that keep you stuck
Leo – how you spend your resources/money
Virgo – ways of being that are not really who you are
Libra – how you relate to the cosmos (you can’t ignore it anymore)
Scorpio – how you interact with groups, and which groups you affiliate with
Sagittarius – how you go after your goals and relate to authority
Capricorn – old philosophies and goals that no longer suit where you’re heading
Aquarius – your relationship to money, especially other people’s money
Pisces – old relationship patterns, and old relationships that you’ve outgrown

Mercury in Aries speeds the process along, especially with the boost it receives from Awakener Uranus. Key dates in the process are March 3, 5, 12, 21, 24–29, and April 4, 10, and 13. This is a time to be used, not waited out. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that retrogrades prevent action. They often require it (but not necessarily in the direction we want to go). Listen within, let the energy flow, and enjoy the ride!

© Terry Lamb

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