Listen to the Thought of Your Heart: The Great Healing Portal of 2012 Opens

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by Terry Lamb ©

In October 2009, we entered the world of Saturn in Libra. Saturn kept us in the Libra zone until October 5, when it went into Scorpio. When a planet enters a new sign, we experience it as a shift in energy, perspective, and priorities. This is a big shift that moves us from catharsis to healing.

This is because Saturn now moves into harmony with many of the planets it was either disconnected from or in challenging contact with — from a square to a sextile to Pluto, from no contact to Neptune to a trine. We’ll feel more supported, like there are actions we can take.

A Year’s End to Remember
When Saturn entered its new sign, it did so in the company of several other planets. Mercury went into Scorpio just hours before Saturn did, a chirpy companion to the great Lord of Time. Two of these ingresses are responsible for much of what challenges us now, those of Venus and Mars. Venus entered Virgo on the 2nd, while Mars went into Sagittarius on the 6th. Their entry into these Mutable signs reactivates the processes that have spiked into our awareness since February 2011, most memorably in early April and early June.

This re-stimulation brings back unresolved painful memories from these times, but also from earlier memories. When we experience emotional (and sometimes physical) pain, it is rarely an isolated occurrence. It is without fail tied to something we remember, whether or not we are aware of it. This is called recycling, where we cast a perception based on an earlier misunderstanding on current circumstances. We do this with positive experiences as well, but they cause little if any difficulty and it is easier for us to be in the moment and respond directly where we have a clear understanding.

Image by Nathan Beaulne

How to Know When You’re Recycling Old Memories
However, for painful experiences where negative emotions arise, we are transported back in time to the age and space of the previous time(s) we’ve had a similar situation. We don’t know it’s occurring; we think we’re present, clear, and responsive to what’s real. There are earmarks to this process so we can tell when we are recycling:

  •  We experience pain, especially the pain of negative emotions like fear, worry, anxiety, anger, sadness, depression, humiliation, guilt, upset, isolation, abandonment, rejection.
  • We feel like it’s “deja vu all over again” — there’s a sense that we’re repeating a pattern, perhaps within a single relationship, sometimes across relationships. We have the same boss (in different skin) no matter where we work; we encounter the same type of relationship experience no matter who our partner is.
  • We feel like someone reminds us (not in a good way) of our mother, father, “ex”, etc.

When this happens, others may observe us as behaving in ways that are not typical for our personality. Indeed, as we are transported back to the originating misunderstanding or trauma, we will respond as if we are the age at which the original event occurred. In the most painful cases, we may experience post-traumatic stress reactions, which are more common than currently recognized. We experience fight-flight-freeze reactions as we are swarmed with stimuli that start a chain reaction in our energy field, personality, and physical body.

There is an excellent book on the subject that helps us identify the recycling process and the age stages we may be trapped in, Growing Up Again by Jean Illsley Clarke and Connie Dawson. The point is, we can relearn our early experiences — we don’t have to stay stuck in these old, broken interpretations. We can learn to connect, and like Inanna rising out of the Underworld, life appears brighter as we ascend step by step into the light and clarity of above-ground.

Use Astrology to Decode the Past
Astrology is a tool that can be used to home in on early experiences and trace them back with precision through the maze of subsequent events that repeated the misunderstanding. We can peel the layers of the wound away, one by one until we get to the core shadow, then lovingly clear it away to reveal the light of love, joy, and connection with others. It’s not that it immediately heals all situations and relationships, but that it helps us see what our role is and to rise above it to decipher where the zone of healthy expression is.

When someone we know is expressing their own painful memory, they will seem to behave out of character, perhaps reverting to the behavior of a child at a particular age — an infant, toddler, preschooler, etc. (This is of course what we look like when we’re in a similar space.) It helps to understand that they don’t know what’s happening — they’ve suddenly become a child, after all! If we can see through this with compassion, it helps us nurture those around us through their pain.

The Healing Portal of 2012
This is especially relevant for the rest of 2012 as we go through a unique set of planetary events that seem custom-designed to take us into our wounded area(s) and heal them layer by layer. Through the rest of the year, one planet after another challenges us in the early degrees of Sagittarius, mirroring our current awkward and painful circumstances so we can get to the truth at the heart of the matter and release the pain that masks it.

We’re probably acutely aware of what needs healing right now, since the sensitive points that touched our wounds earlier this year are now in sharp relief once again. The door to resolution and release is open through the piercing of Mars, the reconsiderations of Mercury, the commanding brightness of the Sun, and the gentle transcendence offered by Venus. All these celestial bodies will visit Sagittarius by December 31.

To heal through Sagittarius, we must befriend our animal nature — the wounded wolf, the starved kitten, the mighty lion. What needs healing will come back to us again and again until we clear it. If our pattern has been to avoid it in the past, that will not work now. And isn’t it better to be done with it? When the pain of holding on to something is worse than the perceived pain of letting it go, we finally push it out of our energy field and thus our life. Sagittarius is about transcending the problem, working through a shift in perspective that liberates us in one fell swoop. It is the answer that uproots the question, then makes us laugh at the irony that brought us there. It brings us contact with the universe of truth — a clean, clear, shadowless reality. It offers the paradigm shift to soul consciousness. The portal to soul embodiment and light infusion is flung wide open, and we have unprecedented access to the thought of the heart, where the vital forces are rooted in our self.

The Rules Are Changing
Saturn is giving us more support for our ongoing transformations, which means that we can start to rebuild over what has been destroyed. No, we can’t go back, and who wants to? We can see why what we’ve lost is not good for us, despite regrets. Now it’s time to turn and face the future, develop something better based on the wisdom we’ve gained.

The healing process of the next 2½ months is essential to this. It is an opportunity for the final ejection of a painful past from our thoughts, habits, and plans. As wave upon wave of sharp truth passes through us, it peels away the veils of wounded spirit. We didn’t know there was so much to remove, but after the fact we will see how we couldn’t have proceeded with those old patterns embedded in us, dragging us down. With crystal clarity we didn’t know was possible, we will be ready to melt the metals and forge the new vessel that will carry us across the river to an unexplored realm.

Write Your Own Story
Throughout this process, the universe extends its invitation to us to become aware of our ongoing residency in the mythic world. We can see it beckoning all around us, through fairy tale and story, movie and television program, the events of our daily life. There is poetry in each step we take: We are the King, the Queen, the Messenger, the Animal-Human, Princess, Robber, Prophet, Healer. We create our own stories — we do not and should not blindly live out the stories someone else writes for us. This is the challenge! We have to tell our story to our self, then reshape it to the harmonies we want to create, the happy endings we know are possible. We don’t have to accept the Greek stories or the Roman or Chinese or any other except as cautionary tales as we re-vision what it is to be human in this time of a great shift in consciousness in all beings.


This is part of my continuing focus on our healing process. This is not meant to be a solitary passage. Do not hesitate to seek help from trained healers and intermediaries when you need it, including myself.

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by Terry Lamb ©

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One Response to Listen to the Thought of Your Heart: The Great Healing Portal of 2012 Opens

  1. Brian says:

    Great writing and information, Terry. Especially liked the part about getting in touch with our animal nature, the primal, instinctive/intuitive side. I know in my experience that when going through a challenging time that my mind likes to try and solve the issue(s) with as many articles and solutions as it can possibly read (Gemini Sun) and while information is a valuable tool, at some point we need to let that information sink down into the abyss/unconscious/body/heart/soul and do the work! The ego mind can tend to want to do all that but there are so many deeper levels that need to be accessed and allowed into the process as well. I love that science is beginning to find the value and intelligence of the heart as not only a physical organ but an innately feeling, intelligent vessel as well.