Dive In! The Water’s Warm and Clear: Currents for the Week of November 26, 2012

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by Terry Lamb ©

The seas calm and we make safe landfall after many weeks following the currents to an unknown destination. In many respects we know where our port lies, and where the path into the right wilderness is to be found. It’s time to start again.

This comes by grace of Mercury’s station direct Monday followed by the Full Moon Eclipse Wednesday (Nov 28). We may feel like an arrow, shot aloft on the accumulated tension of several unresolved planetary stories. They all release at once, perhaps through a single event that sets a course for the future. If you do not find your old furniture swept away by this loosening, yours is a slower route to the same effect.

The Lunar Eclipse takes us into the inner depths, where we find the treasure of transformative meaning. We are spurred to take action, but the waveform penetrates so deeply, it may take many months to fulfill the grand plan. All this comes on the crest of another wave, as Jupiter’s culmination with the Sun leads us over the top with initiatives we defined in September-October. What we took on then is being illuminated with the facts, and we may see before us a longer road to our destination than we had hoped. Still, miracles do happen, and planetary conditions are right for their manifestation if we have primed the pump for the flow to come in this moment. (If not, our moment is not far away.) Read about your Sun, Moon, and Ascendant below.

What peaks for you now is your awareness of the uses of education and shortcomings in your career-readiness because of gaps there. This is not just about sitting in classrooms but also about experience and self-limiting perspectives regarding what you can and can’t do with who you are and what you already offer. Set your sights high! Your dilemma is about perspective, but your way forward is to get your finances in order. There are a few steps you can take to stop the bleeding until you land upon a stable fix. The first step is to forgive yourself for not being able to control forces that are, well, outside your control. Out of gradual change comes new freedom and adventure. To learn more about what’s ahead, get the guide for the new Mercury cycle.

You are feeling a financial crisis, not entirely of your own making. You are aware that we rely on each other to get along, especially if you are in a business or personal partnership, but where have you stopped the flow? This is the only part of the equation that you can control — your own contribution. You can harp at your partner all you want, but it will only create resistance. Do they know how you feel? If the answer is yes, then lay off. If there is a damaging behavior pattern (addiction or abuse), you have to take care of yourself, but otherwise waiting for the truth to emerge is the best course. Your dilemma may be about resources, but your way forward is through your close ties and agreements with others. To learn more about what’s ahead, get the guide for the new Mercury cycle.

You have to change your relationship dynamic — the old way is getting old. It’s high time for you to get your life in order and go for what you really want. After all, you’re not getting any younger, and you’re tired of waiting for things to happen on their own. The good news is that you can effect change in your life, if it comes from inside you. Your dilemma is about what you want and how to get it, but your way forward is through your service to others and all you do to make yourself ready for prime time. This ranges from getting your health in order, to taking care of those files and paperwork scattered here and there, to renewing your sense of contribution to society. Your road to fulfillment stretches before you. To learn more about what’s ahead, get the guide for the new Mercury cycle.

Your work isn’t working for you. This dragging yourself out just to show up on time and then retreating into your cave when you’re done — it has to change. You’ve been searching for the right way to fit into society, but this isn’t how it works. You need something with more purpose and meaning, based on your gifts and most sacred inner desires. Therein lies the treasure that you can offer up to the world. Yeah, you will be rejected by some. But there are others who will recognize your true value, and that can only happen when you take the risk of exposing your true nature to the light of day. Your way forward is to connect with others and get into the creative flow. Life is for living! To learn more about what’s ahead, get the guide for the new Mercury cycle.

You’ve been searching for the creative spark amongst all that fire, and so far all you’ve found is charred remains. This is about to change. Out of the ashes rises your creative genius, the phoenix in the flow! Key in this process are your needs, to survive and to contribute. These needs form a pragmatic surround that, while not exciting, will guide you to find the profitable form for your expressions of the Divine. You get hung up on what other people think, and it stops you when that’s all you consider. But it never hurts to do a little marketing research to find how you can better meet others’ needs with what you have to offer — and with the minimum of effort. To learn more about what’s ahead, get the guide for the new Mercury cycle.

You feel like you’re stuck in survival mode, and this has to stop. You remember the days when you felt like the roof over your head was going to be there next month and you had enough money to buy two of something, but now your foundation is too slippery to feel secure. You’ve been developing a new career niche, your place to belong in the world and make a contribution but how well is it going to work to carry you to your goals of sustainability? You’re about to find out. The key to moving forward is connecting. Engage with others on a regular, stable basis, and they will come to rely on your dependable, wise counsel. It takes time to build this framework, but once fully developed you can go anywhere. To learn more about what’s ahead, get the guide for the new Mercury cycle.

It’s time to bring your ideals down to earth, into a form that others can relate to. It’s not about connecting with only one person, but about hooking up with the marketplace, with civilization itself. You may do it one soul at a time, but you need to find common dreams, goals, and messages that help others fulfill their heart’s path. You understand that experience, because you have uncovered your own deep longing for fulfillment. Your dilemma is tied to your ideals, but your solution begins with pragmatics. If you start with the question of how to build your resources (i.e., make money), develop value for your time and energy spent, you will see the path to making it all work for you. To learn more about what’s ahead, get the guide for the new Mercury cycle.


Image by Ajit Solanki

When you place a low value on yourself, others will too. You’ve discovered how this mindset establishes a downward spiral in your self-esteem, but now it’s time to do something about it. It’s time for a bootstrap operation! Go inside yourself and find your buried treasure. Spend time every day reinforcing your awareness of your gifts, from surrounding yourself by those who see them (and the true you), and creating new internal messages about what you have to offer. You are a child of the universe, as tacky as that sounds, and you are meant to be here. The key to resolving this is connecting to others in meaningful ways. There is a place just for you, and their reflection will help you step into your own light. To learn more about what’s ahead, get the guide for the new Mercury cycle.

Your relationships have fallen into disarray, and you’ve had to take a step back to see what’s going on. You’ve always been independent, but now you’re more “out there” than ever, and it’s given you time to think about your contribution to the situation. The key to the situation is to recognize that each person has a hand in creating a relationship, and that if there’s a problem, both have contributed to it. It may be easy to see the other’s flawed perspective, but what about your own? What do you need to learn? As this light dawns, a door opens to a rush of personal growth. Keep working with it, internally. Don’t give up, and you’ll soon see what you need to transform within yourself to reconnect where you want to. To learn more about what’s ahead, get the guide for the new Mercury cycle.

You’re about to explode, there’s so much change swirling in and around you! The only thing you can do now is to give it all up. It’s time to stop thinking about the score and start feeling. It’s not about who’s in control, but who you love, where you feel inspired, and where spirit is gently guiding you. Underneath it all, your dilemma is tied to your work, health and service to others. You just don’t feel like you’re making a valuable contribution. Your frustrations are compounded by feelings of separation, rejection, and abandonment. Get off your high horse of blame and self-pity, and the walls will come down. Yes, you will be vulnerable, but that’s the space where we connect to the warm and juicy flow of love. Start with purposeful friendship and build from there. To learn more about what’s ahead, get the guide for the new Mercury cycle.

You have so much creativity to share, where are you going to express it all? And where’s your audience? With ideas overflowing, you are the Magician, manifesting in all directions as you walk your path — or you could be. There’s a longer term developmental process that you must be patient with, but there’s also the need for you to focus your efforts into a manageable stream of productivity. The key is to go for what is most meaningful. Prioritize your projects in terms of what you love, then the money, success, public esteem (and whatever else you want) will follow. When you are building a standing in your community as well as making a valuable contribution and supporting yourself, you have it right. To learn more about what’s ahead, get the guide for the new Mercury cycle.

You’ve been uncovering the roots of your instability, and they are surprising in their variety and depth, found in family-ancestral and karmic patterns. The good news is that now you can change it. It’s a long way to the top of the mountain, but a trek you have the zest and vigor to embrace. With the right plans and discipline, you can be free! Yes, plans and discipline. It will take time, a gradual climb out of the depths. But since you’ve been working on this already, a round of reward is coming due. This will take you to a new plateau. What you get out of it will report back to you how well you’ve been guiding yourself toward your goals. Make the needed adjustments to speed up your progress. Quantum change is possible right now. To learn more about what’s ahead, get the guide for the new Mercury cycle.

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by Terry Lamb ©

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