Openings Are Favored Now: Energy Currents for December 10, 2012

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by Terry Lamb ©

Things start moving forward again now with a bang and a plot twist. There’s a sort of culmination that’s coming in the next week, when a situation that may have started developing just over a year ago opens up in an unexpected way.

It’s raining blessings now, but they may not be showing up in a form we recognize. Losses may be the first sign, creating space for what we have requested. We asked for it, right? This is Uranus returning to forward motion as Mercury finally makes its long-delayed contact, bringing the rewards we thought were coming — what we couldn’t live without — in October. Well, not only might we have found out otherwise, but it gave us time for the flaws in our plans to surface. Good thing, that Mercury retrograde!

In Uranus’s inevitable way, events contain a plot twist flavored with irony, humbling in their perfection, astonishing in their brilliance for solving the problems at hand. This is the time of Cosmic Two-fers and Three-fers (and more-fers?). What we want is almost certainly is not coming in the way we pictured it, but it’s headed in the direction of our plan and purpose, so relax and enjoy the ride.

If your situation does not blossom in the next few days, it still primes the pump for future openings. You may get hints that something good is not far off. Let the universe whisper in your ear, and even if the message is unpleasant, its truth frees you to go where joy can be found.

Where is your next life opening coming from and how will it work for you? Read about your Sun, Moon, and Ascendant signs below to find out.

You are the source of change, but for a short spell your horses have been headed in the wrong direction. Now suddenly they make a quick reversal, and it’s time to launch a revised plan. You have some exciting prospects, and the timing couldn’t be better.

You’ve been watching the signs and portents, and you see subtle shifting everywhere you look. It will take time to get the deeper meaning of what you’re seeing, but the changes you’ve hoped for are coming into view. It will take a while to build and bring along your cast and crew, but you’re on your way.

Something changes for the better in group dynamics, and it’s all because someone new has appeared on the horizon to take a more prominent role in your life. Even though you carry the power in the situation, this person is worthy of this position, someone to balance your energies with. This really works for you — beyond expectations.

A work assignment comes along that conveniently gives you an unchallengeable excuse for breaking with the usual plan this holiday season. Next time you’ll have to stand up for what you believe, but this time you’re off the hook, a first step in getting everyone (including yourself) used to a necessary change.

The world is pretty much your oyster right now, and opportunity knocks everywhere. Your key to success is your social network (in all its forms). Some of the choices involve work — a lot of it. In fact, it could be said that those are the best ones.

Where’s that money you were promised? About to come in, but perhaps not from the usual sources. Even if you are owed, remember that the universe is in charge, and your abundance does not have to come from any particular sources. As you take each step, the support will be there, and things are already improving.

If there’s any volatility in your relationship life, it wants release now. Unexpected or disruptive behavior from a partner has pointed to a deep need for change, and now is the time to talk about it. It will make both of you see things very differently, and progress can occur from this point forward.

The emphasis is on keeping your cool now, as an opportunity comes along that could change your life, as it certainly will over the next few weeks. Your daily life will change for the better, at least for now. There could be money in this direction further down the road, if not now.

Now that you know why you need to recant, it’s time to do it. The forces that held you in check were the instrument of your salvation this time, but not without your capacity for deep self-examination. Your good inner work will blossom into new negotiating skills that give you more control over your life.

All that pent-up urge can’t stay hidden forever. Sooner or later it leaks out, but that’s the best way to let the truth be known right now. It’s quite a change from the past, and you don’t like disappointing your family and friends. What starts as a question leads to your opportunity give honest answers, and voila! You’ve headed off what could have been a holiday disaster.

That seed of insight you had in early fall is proving to be true, and it’s shaking your inner world. It’s hard to tell whether that’s because of what’s happening in your social circle, or because your intuition has become so accurate. Now you see the way forward, your inner compass leading the way.

Accept it as unexpected financial demands come up. The money crunch now will compensate for a time crunch that could occur later. You’re launching something new, and the structures need to be in place first. For now, have faith in yourself and what you’re creating.

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One Response to Openings Are Favored Now: Energy Currents for December 10, 2012

  1. that is talking in riddles to me – moon Taurus, sun Capricorn and ascendant Pisces – I am looking for work, need income and have no idea of how or what…. as a Hades moon person I am frightened a bit to say the least.