December 21, 2012: Make the Shift Work for You

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In recent months, I have talked about tools and approaches to manage and make use of the rarefied energies we are experiencing now. Whether we attribute our experiences to the Galactic Turning of the Ages, the Uranus-Pluto effect, or some other source, there is no doubt that the old paradigm is dissolving in the face of the need to bring ourselves into alignment with our planet.

The pressure has been on us to change, but the paradigm finally shifts when we change our values. A change in values brings a transformation in the emphasis we put on the things that populate our life, from our goals to our actions. Where material possessions were once considered a desirable thing, for many they have become a liability, weighing them down and trapping them in a life of too much effort put into the defense and maintenance of those possessions. For some, wealth has even become an embarrassment instead of a source of pride.

Thrift, reliability, and ingenuity are replacing expenditure (“shop till you drop”), disposability, and productivity as the most prized qualities in the new world we are entering. Resourcefulness is the new beauty in attracting a mate. The engine of materialism, the United States, is finally getting on board with the rest of world in an enlightened perspective regarding the true cost of our toys and gadgets (notwithstanding the iphone).

In addition to the consolidation of ideas and approaches that you will find in my latest post, here are some more ideas about what we can do, as well as some sign-specific ideas about what we each can contribute to the process.

Some core principles to use in creating our future include:

1.    The bottom line that’s developing is based on the core principle of sustainability. If it’s not sustainable, we can’t do it, have it, or be it. This principle involves the leveling of extremes (equalizing), in a time when the distance between the haves and have-nots is particularly inflated.

The elements of non-sustainability can be found in any area of life, from finance and ownership to health and lifestyle practices to family and relationship to work and energy expenditure. We can no longer engage in activities which exhaust us, others, and our planet. Anything that makes us unable to keep all the balls in the air must go.

Art by Autumn Skye Morrison

2.    The soul is in charge. This is a tough one for people that can’t feel their soul. If we have faith in its existence, that will see us through until we know from direct experience its eternal presence.

3.    A deep healing process is taking place. We are at the end of a 26000-year cycle (one wobble of Earth on her axis), the start of a new one. Think in terms of all that’s happened in the last 26000 years. That’s how much healing we have to do!

Whether you ‘believe’ in reincarnation and feel you have many lives’ actions to clear, or you find other ways of explaining the depth of process right now, negative actions and patterns are buried in the unfolding of human culture over the full extent of this time. They are being burned off now, in a process that we can scarce understand.

4.    Feeling overwhelmed, you say? Good! This is the right feeling to have. This means you are riding the wave, and your consciousness is correctly picking up the fact that the energies are huge and powerful. This is the place to start. This means you have found the edges, the frontiers, of your perceived capabilities. It is only when we feel the edges of our abilities that we even understand where we need to grow. What is working for us does not alert us to the need to change, but the edges tell us that a limitation exists and must be overcome. This is your pushing off point. When we are overwhelmed, the ego has no choice but to let go. Surrendering to the flow is the sign that this has taken place, and peace follows.

Use this feeling as the source of your healing process. The first step is to locate those edges and dream about the ways you can extend their boundaries (make yourself more capable). Yes, dream. Observe the images in your head, feel what draws you in your heart. Listen to what the universe is telling you, not so much in the advice of a friend as in the flight of a bird across your path or a snatched line of song on the airwaves.

It is only through our inner perceptions (intuition, imagination, etc.) that we can find our next direction, because that is where the soul communicates to us about what we in ordinary consciousness can’t see. The soul speaks from the invisible world, where all truth is formed.

5.    Take on the big task. Each of us has a Great Project before us. This is the launching of a new 26000-year cycle. We have to think and act on behalf of all Earth’s inhabitants for the new Great Age. We were born to do that by being alive now. We are privileged to be alive now, to have this great adventure in soul/human development before us. We each have a gift to give, and because it is our responsibility to fulfill it, the universe takes no prisoners in ensuring that we have every opportunity to do so.

If we dare to think beyond social constructs, beyond ego fears, beyond our perceived personal limitations, we will be shown a world so fantastic that we may doubt that it can ever be real. Yet, that is precisely where we are headed. The day before a gigantic transformation, it always seems impossible. The day after, it seems inevitable.

What gifts do you bear to give to the world at this time of giving and receiving, this time of rebirth?

You have the gift of no-holds-barred selfhood. What a breath of fresh air you bring! How well you embolden us all with your pioneering spirit!

You bear the gift of foundation. You know how to lay the brickwork for a new world, one that will stand up to all that is built on it. How wonderfully your patience creates the space for us to do it right!

You carry the gift of connectivity. Whether it’s your smart phone or your recounting of someone’s personal story, you are a feather lifting us on the winds of light. How joyously you extend our awareness!

You are the vessel of feeling. In a world that numbs us, you are our canary in the coal-mine, reminding us to stay sensitive to ourselves and each other. How deeply we sense the eternal wellspring of life through your attunement!

You have the gift of heart. Through you, the true boundless generosity of the spirit is known, the infinite capacity for love. How warmly you share the Sun’s life-giving rays in all their hues!

You are the seed-keeper of community. By your adherence to the greater good of the community, your focus helps us curve toward the good of all. How perceptively you discern our highest good and sow its seeds!

You offer the gift of balance. With your attunement to the delicate harmonics of space and time, you equalize the forces of extremes. How objectively you bring equalization and peace into our sphere!

You carry the gift of transformation. You see the deep picture, reminding us that life survives all change, and all transformation is just a rebirth of the eternal soul. How profoundly your wisdom comforts us!

You bear the gift of soul-mind. You see through the eyes of the universe, the truths hidden behind the details, and shoot its arrow into our heart. How piercingly you help us cut away the falsehood from our lives!

You offer the gift of wisdom. Your breadth of vision across time and experience opens the window of understanding that allows civilization to thrive in all its high expressions. How safely we rest in the knowledge you bring forward for the good of all!

You express the gift of social insight. In a world where group interaction is the ragged edge of human evolution, you find the point of equalization and bring it to life in the hearts of all. How calmly you lead us to our collective center!

You are the cosmic barometer. Your gift of sensitivity to the flow, in union with all consciousness, is a megaphone for the invisible world, teaching us how to experience it as the source of all things. How sweetly your surrender to the forces leads us into the unknown as we participate in our Great Project!

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